10 Things That Ruin Your Hairstyle

There are many things that may ruin your image, hairdo included. Beware of these ten hairstyling sins. They may spoil even the trendiest look!

1. The cut does not match your face shape

The shape of your face is important to consider. Oval faces are the most forgiving ones and they look best with deep side parts, and all the other types could be corrected with the help of a proper cut. For instance, heart-shaped faces look best with off-center parts.

2. The cut does not match the hair type

Any competent stylist will consider your hair type before suggesting the most flattering image. if you spend an eternity just forcing your hair into a certain shape, that shape must be wrong. This also concerns hair care. If your hair is thin, opt for weightless products, while textures hair requires anti-frizz.  

3. The hair color does not match your complexion

The wrong color will compete with your skin, rather than compliment it. It is best to have a professional adjust your shade.

4. Too much product

If you feel that your hair has become clumpy, it is a sure sign of overload. Choose your products wisely. If your hair is dry and frizzy, apply oil, serum, or cream. If it is fine, use root lifters, mousse, or gel. Products for curly hair must hold but allow flexibility.

5. Roots are too obvious

There are several ways to cope with color grow-out when you are in between colorings. Opt for an updo, a wavy hairstyle, and never style your hair so it is flat to head. You could buy a special root coloring product, or part your hair a different way.

6. Long periods between cuts

When you wait too long, your hair begins to look uneven at the ends. A temporary measure could be using a curling iron, hot rollers, headbands or clips.

7. Limpness

Volume is essential, and it is achievable even with extremely fine hair. First, maximize the body by cutting hair. Ask your stylist to cut dead ends and add layers to pump up the volume on top. No heavy and oily products!

8. Wrong highlights

Highlights should look sun-kissed, rather than resemble a zebra. Avoid streaks by doing highlights from underneath, and make sure the tone is not high-contrast.

9. Wrong bangs

Here, face shape is key. Bangs can either compliment your face, or (god forbid!) make it look disproportioned. Asymmetry is best for square faces, while airy or short bangs keep round faces open.

10. Old-fashioned look

It is natural to stick to a hairstyle that works. However, do not do it too long, or your cut will look dated. It is always possible to find a current style that will flatter your face and complexion. Do not get stuck in a rut.

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