Best medium-length hairstyles

Owners of medium-length hair can consider themselves lucky, for it allows the largest diversity of styles. Neither long nor short, this category has infinite room for creativity! Beauty blogs are jam-packed with unusual ideas for medium length. If you are thinking of getting a new fresh look, check out suggestions given here. You will surely be tempted to try some of them! Use this link and start experimenting!

Shoulder Length Medium Hairstyles for 2018 & Trend Medium hair Colors

Primary considerations

The first thing to bear in mind is the shape of your face. Some cuts and styles make oval-faced people look better, others are suited for round faces. Whether it’s diamond, heart, or oblong, your face will be the first thing considered by a professional stylist. You don’t want the wrong bangs to make you look disproportionate, do you?

When it comes to coloring, your complexion is key. The new color must compliment your skin tone, not compete with it. And lastly, hair texture will determine the shapes you can and cannot wear.

If you think you can manage without a stylist, read on and discover a few suggestions here. You will find plenty of useful tips on the site. You could also google hairdos for your face and texture. There are a few styles that are both chic and easy to do.

1. Soft waves of rich chocolate brown

A wonderful look for any occasion, it is excellent for oval, heart and diamond faces. Just apply a volumizing spray on the length and blow dry in sections. While doing so, lift your hair away from your head, turning the ends under. A good idea is using a round brush. Next, use a 1-inch curling wand and create 2-inch sections.

2. Simply wavy

A simple curling iron can actually work wonders. A few seconds – and you can create fabulous strong waves. If you would like to define your chin and cheekbones, go with a side parting.

3. Straight and simple

Yes, it is simple, but such everyday hairdo is perfect for work. Add bangs which are most flattering, and color if you want to draw attention to your eyes.

And in case you are ready for a cut…

1: Feathered bob

Layering is bound to add volume so you won’t have to worry about limp ends. Feathered layers will also add texture. This way, your hair will never look flat or dull. Besides, the hairdo will be easy to style. The perfect solution for those who are always on the run!

2. Bob with highlights

In essence, it is a conventional bob enhanced with layering. It looks rounded and smooth and is usually based on a single layer of layers bobbing over the bottom. Make sure the highlights are done right (i.e., do not resemble zebra stripes).

3. Long disconnected bob (lob)

A lob is a perfect solution for those who are not yet ready for bob length. If you are ready for a less prim look, dare to get choppy layers. The style looks carefree and chic, especially if you add faded highlights for extra effect.

4. Wavy lob with disconnected ends

Disconnected ends will enhance your look with extra texture and volume.