Easy hairdos for people who can’t french braid

Are you someone who struggles with French braiding? Do you envy those intricate and beautiful hairstyles but find it challenging to master the art of French braiding? Fret not! There are plenty of other easy hairdos that you can try, even if you can’t French braid. In this article, we will explore some simple and stylish alternatives to French braiding, along with quick and easy updos that require minimal effort. Get ready to rock some fabulous hairstyles without the fuss!

Understanding French Braiding

Before we dive into the alternatives, let’s briefly understand what French braiding entails. French braiding is a technique where you weave three strands of hair together, adding more hair as you progress. It creates a beautiful and intricate braid that can be worn in various styles. However, French braiding can be time-consuming and challenging for beginners. If you find it difficult to master this technique, don’t worry! There are several other hairstyles you can experiment with.

How to do easy hairdos without bobby pins or hair sprays

In the morning we often have to rush to school, university, work or just for business. In the great rush to arrange your hair beautifully there is simply not enough time, but you always want to look fashionable and attractive. To gather the strands in a bun or plait, you do not need to have special skills and professional tools. To diversify your daily image will help easy hairstyles that can be done in just 5 minutes.


Take the hair away from the face and decorate your everyday image girls can do a flower-shaped bun. The hairstyle will not take much time and will suit absolutely everyone. Especially beautiful looks such a styling on dyed strands in the style of balayage.

Trendy Fast Hairdos

Do you ever oversleep? Who doesn’t! The ensuing morning frenzy leaves zero time for makeup, let alone hairstyling. These four solutions could save your day if your hair is shoulder-length or longer. The suggested hairdos can be created in a matter of seconds. The result will look so neat and well-prepared that no one will suspect a hectic morning. Try out the following styles:

1. Reverse French-Twist Pony