It’s All in the Face: 5 Haircut Lifehacks

You may think you have chosen the coolest haircut, but feel bitter disappointment at the end result. And your hairdresser may not be the culprit. Sometimes, a cut just does not suit your face. Such mismatch often causes tears.

Take some time to discover your face shape before opting for a new drastic haircut. Knowing the shape of your face and fitting styles is key. Doing a little homework will safeguard you against distress.

  1. Understanding the shape

The task is quite simple. You can hardly get lost in these six options. Just pull back your hair and examine the mirror reflection. There is one caveat: before concluding that your face is round, make sure you consider all of its angles.

  • Square

You have a prominent jaw. Your chin is square, and forehead is almost as wide as your jawline.

  • Oval Faces

Your chin could be a little narrower than your forehead. The face is roughly 1,5 longer than its width.

  • Oblong

Longer and narrower than oval faces.

  • Round Faces

Face width and length look equal. Your cheeks are rounded and prominent.

  • Diamond

The widest point is at the cheekbones. Narrow forehead and jawline.


Wide forehead and cheekbones in combination with narrow chin and jawline.

2. Use a ruler

If you are keen on precision, take a ruler or tape measure. Take the following measurements across:

  • the forehead (widest point).
  • the cheekbones (widest point).
  • the jawline (widest point).

Next, determine face length. Putting the ruler under the eyes, measure from ear to ear. Placing the ruler at the top of your forehead at your hairline, measure to your chin. The resulting width:length ratio may be 1:1 ½, 1:1, or 1:2. Each shape has its own ratio, just google it.

3. Look at celebrities

If you are still unsure about your face, search for celebs with different face types. For example, Taylor Swift’s face is heart-shaped.

4. The key

The oval shape is the best, and others could be corrected. Look for a cut that makes your face look oval. With a perfect style, a round face will seem longer, a square jaw will be softened, etc. Some haircuts hide double chins and large foreheads.

5. Choosing the right cut

The easiest way is googling cuts for your specific face shape. Any professional will also use it to suggest the best look. This way, you can be sure to get the most flattering end result.