Trendy Fast Hairdos

Do you ever oversleep? Who doesn’t! The ensuing morning frenzy leaves zero time for makeup, let alone hairstyling. These four solutions could save your day if your hair is shoulder-length or longer. The suggested hairdos can be created in a matter of seconds. The result will look so neat and well-prepared that no one will suspect a hectic morning. Try out the following styles:

1. Reverse French-Twist Pony

This hairdo looks like an elegant combination of a pony and a chignon, and it is a perfect fit for long hair.

The steps

Start by making a low pony. This should be located just above the base of your neck. Next, use both hands to twist the pony into itself. This should create a nice thick roll below the center of your head. Lastly, use bobby pins to fix the hairdo in place.

2. Messy Bun

This easy-to-do style can work wonders. Aside from making you look like an off-duty ballerina, it can instantly polish even the most knotted hair. The romantic bun suits any occasion, whether it’s party time, work, or simply hanging around the house.

The steps

Start by pulling your hair into a pony. You could also use a headband. Next, twist the pony into a bun, holding it in place with bobby pins around the edges. If you wish, add extra volume by gently tugging sections at the roots with the help of a tail comb.

3. Fanned-Out Bun

Here is another bun solution, which looks particularly flattering to fine hair. Pump up the volume in 10 seconds!

The steps

Here, you also begin with a pony, but with a high one. With the end of the pony grasped in one hand, separate the hair right under the elastic, creating a space between the two parts. Then, pull the ponytail from the top through space, about halfway only. The next step is fanning out the bun. Lastly, use bobby pins on the ends of the pony at the base of your bun.

4. Knotted Low Bun

This braid-based solution will show some style. Despite the sophisticated look, it is just as easy as the previous example.

The steps

Begin with a low pony tied up with an elastic. Next, braid the whole length loosely and use another elastic to secure it at the ends. Finally, the braid should be wrapped around the base of the pony. Loose ends should be tucked in and pinned.

Overall, a lack of time is no justification for a messy look. A true lady knows how to look elegant in any situation. Try the suggested looks and google many more! There are tons of styles to choose from.