Mid-Length Haircuts: Common Blunders

Finding the most suitable haircut is not the easiest task. There are several factors to bear in mind, aside from your hairdresser’s talent. Even the coolest-looking style will not compliment your face if it doesn’t match its shape. Here are ten things you should bear in mind if you are planning a style change. Avoid these pitfalls to make sure you look trendy and elegant!

1. It does not match your face shape

Whether your face is oval, square, or round, the choice of a cut must correspond with its shape. The most forgiving type is the oval – it looks good with almost any hairdo. Owners of differently shaped faces, however, can make them appear oval. Some styles can even hide double chins!

2. It does not match your hair type

This is an obvious consideration. Not all styles and textures work together. If your hair is thin, you should opt for maximized volume. If forcing your hair into a certain shape takes forever, you must have made a mistake. For curly locks, a blunt bang is hardly a good solution. Follow the flow of your hair, rather than fighting it, and ask experts for advice.

3. Limp-looking locks

This often happens with fine hair. To avoid the untidy look, make sure the body is maximized with a proper cut. Make sure there are no dead ends left, and ask your stylist to add more layers for pumped up volume.

4. Wrong bangs

This is another factor dependent on your face shape. Instead of complimenting your look, bangs may simply make it look disproportionate. For instance, round-faced women should opt for airy or short bangs.

5. Trying to do it yourself

Think twice before picking up the scissors, even for bangs. Only a stylist will know how bangs should be cut to frame the face perfectly. In general, trimming our own hair is a huge challenge, and it may leave you in tears.

6. Getting stuck in a rut

It is only natural to stick to a flattering style over the years, but do not overdo it. Otherwise, your style will look dated. Even adding a few layers can make your look fresher. There are hundreds of trendy hairstyles to choose from.

7. Under- or overestimating inches

Are you sure you want those two inches taken off? Be sure to check your hunch with a ruler before making that request. Alternatively, show it visually. Let your stylist see the length you want to get rid of, rather than announcing the number of inches.

8. Bring some photos.

Some clients are unable to properly articulate their desired look. To avoid miscommunication, prepare some photos of what you need or shot that could serve as reference points. A professional will tell you if the image is doable, considering your texture and facial features. Remember that no style is a one-size-fits-all.