How to do easy hairdos without bobby pins or hair sprays

In the morning we often have to rush to school, university, work or just for business. In the great rush to arrange your hair beautifully there is simply not enough time, but you always want to look fashionable and attractive. To gather the strands in a bun or plait, you do not need to have special skills and professional tools. To diversify your daily image will help easy hairstyles that can be done in just 5 minutes.


Take the hair away from the face and decorate your everyday image girls can do a flower-shaped bun. The hairstyle will not take much time and will suit absolutely everyone. Especially beautiful looks such a styling on dyed strands in the style of balayage.

Among the tools you will need: an elastic band, hairpins or bobby pins. These materials are necessary in almost all cases of hair styling at home.

The technique of creating a hairstyle “bunch-flower”:

  • The hair is combed and untangled from knots;
  • From the upper part of the strands is made relatively high ponytail, fixed with an elastic band;
  • The resulting ponytail is divided into two equal parts;
  • The ponytail is divided into two equal parts; each strand should be twisted into a separate bundle and intertwined with each other;
  • The end is similarly fixed with a rubber band;
  • The braid is placed in a spiral around the base of the ponytail and fastened with pins.
  • The result will surprise you with its originality and ease of execution. A bunch of hair, made in the form of a flower, will be suitable for a date or a visit.
hairdos without bobby pins


Create a festive style and emphasize the beauty of the female image will help hairstyle “bow”. Hair styling in the form of a bow is interesting, stylish and youthful. Beginners will need a little time to practice. Otherwise, such a hairstyle on the hair in the future will be done in 5 minutes at most.

It will be necessary to prepare some tools, namely hair clips, elastic bands, invisible bobby pins. In the end, you may additionally need a curling iron.

Step by step instructions for creating a hairstyle “Bow”:

  • Comb the hair;
  • Allocate strands of medium thickness on the sides and connect the elastic band at the nape of the neck. Do not pull the hair up to the end;
  • The beam is divided into two equal halves. The left part is temporarily fixed by a clip, the right part is fixed by a hairpin or a bobby pin to the nearby hair;
  • The left side of the bun is similarly fixed on the other side;
  • A small strand from the center of the hair is wrapped around the bow from top to bottom, thus masking the elastic band.
  • In addition the two strands under the bow can be curled into elegant curls. To make the hairstyle last longer, hair spray is sprayed on top.

Braids with a plait

The bundle with a plait will be suitable for a trip to a social event or for everyday image. To make such a hairstyle will not be difficult, if a little practice in front of the mirror. To work you will need tools such as a bagel, pins and elastic band.

Hair is stacked as follows:

  • From the main part of the hair, a low ponytail is made, leaving a small strand on one side to create a braid;
  • With the help of a bagel, the ponytail is gathered into an elegant bundle;
  • The remaining loose strand is braided in a French style braid;
  • The end of the braid is wrapped around the bundle like a headband and secured with bobby pins.

Classic Bunch

A quick way to style your hair is with the classic bun. Even a beginner can cope with this hairstyle. The hairstyle is great for creating an office style. It is neat and at the same time elegant.

Rules for creating a classic bun:

  • The hair is thoroughly combed and separated, according to the breakdown, into 2 equal parts;
  • Tie two strands of hair with a knot between them;
  • Both ends are wrapped alternately around the knot and fixed with bobby pins.
  • The bunch looks good on both young girls and middle-aged women. In the center of the bouquet for beauty you can stick a pair of hairpins with sparkling elements. This will add a strict look of festivity.

Waterfall Braid

The “Waterfall” braid hairstyle is a combination of loose hair and an elegant braid. Suitable for girls who have long curls and want to emphasize their natural beauty. Hairstyle will help to make everyday image more delicate and elegant.

Learn how to do the braid can everyone, with a little practice. To do this, you should have a basic knowledge of braiding from 3 strands. To create a feminine image will need accessories such as an elastic band, curlers and a curling iron.

Braid “Waterfall” is braided as follows:

  • A strand is separated from the side, which is divided into 3 parts;
  • Start braiding as usual, gradually weaving the hair from the top of the plait;
  • The new strands taken from the top of the head should be left hanging freely;
  • Move horizontally to the opposite side;
  • The remaining strands are secured with the hairpins under the main part of the hair;
  • The loose ends can be curled with a curling iron to create elegant curls.
  • The “Waterfall” braid can be made not only horizontal but also diagonal.

Ponytail with a volume braid

If you are a lucky owner of long thick hair, this hairstyle will suit you perfectly! It is great for complementing your everyday image and does not need any special skills. Before starting work, you should have only rubber bands.

The process of creating a hairstyle:

  • The hair is gathered into a high ponytail and divided into 3 strands;
  • Gradually braid the braid: the central strand is wrapped around the lower strands;
  • At each stage, the hair is fixed in the center with rubber bands;
  • When the braiding is done, the braid should be slightly fluffed and stretched out to the sides to give extra volume;
  • Hair style should be secured with hairspray.
  • It will take about 5 minutes to create a ponytail with a volume braid. Having finished doing the hairstyle in record time, you can devote a little more time to choosing an outfit.

Asymmetrical bun

In the hairstyle with an asymmetrical bundle there is an element of festivity. It looks feminine and unusual. For the work will require hairpins and an elastic band.

The hairstyle is done as follows:

  • The hair is combed out;
  • A ponytail is made at the side, which is fixed with an elastic band;
  • Having made a small tousle with a brush, we twist a little hair;
  • We wrap the twisted strand in a spiral around the elastic band;
  • Fix it with bobby pins.
  • Placed asymmetrically the bundle adds to the image a slight carelessness.

High bouffant

It will be easy to make a high bundle for any girl. This hairstyle is not suitable for going out to social events, but for the everyday image is a great option. Light carelessness and dislodged strands create a slightly daring, defiant style. To work from the tools you will need only bobby pins.

To make a high bun, you need to:

  • Fluff up the hair a little bit;
  • Lift the curls up, pull them over your head and twist the tourniquet;
  • Begin to wrap the hair in a circle;
  • In the end the bun is fixed with hairpins.
  • With this hairstyle girls will look simple, but charming.