Easy hairdos for people who can’t french braid

Are you someone who struggles with French braiding? Do you envy those intricate and beautiful hairstyles but find it challenging to master the art of French braiding? Fret not! There are plenty of other easy hairdos that you can try, even if you can’t French braid. In this article, we will explore some simple and stylish alternatives to French braiding, along with quick and easy updos that require minimal effort. Get ready to rock some fabulous hairstyles without the fuss!

Understanding French Braiding

Before we dive into the alternatives, let’s briefly understand what French braiding entails. French braiding is a technique where you weave three strands of hair together, adding more hair as you progress. It creates a beautiful and intricate braid that can be worn in various styles. However, French braiding can be time-consuming and challenging for beginners. If you find it difficult to master this technique, don’t worry! There are several other hairstyles you can experiment with.

How to do easy hairdos without bobby pins or hair sprays

In the morning we often have to rush to school, university, work or just for business. In the great rush to arrange your hair beautifully there is simply not enough time, but you always want to look fashionable and attractive. To gather the strands in a bun or plait, you do not need to have special skills and professional tools. To diversify your daily image will help easy hairstyles that can be done in just 5 minutes.


Take the hair away from the face and decorate your everyday image girls can do a flower-shaped bun. The hairstyle will not take much time and will suit absolutely everyone. Especially beautiful looks such a styling on dyed strands in the style of balayage.

Should Naturally Curly Hair Be Layered?

Hairstyles play a very important role in the fashion world. The different styles of hair provide a more appealing look to the face. It is also vital to select the right type of hairstyle that suits the face and hair.

The managing of curly hair is a challenging task, the hairstyle becomes equally challenging for this kind of hair. Select natural curly hairstyles, that will help you to stand out among other women; find this idea here.

The trimming of the hair is the simplest and easiest way to provide the hair a better appeal. This does not change the hair much but produces effective results. The trimming of the curly hair is quite a professional technique and involves a lot of talent. You need to approach the right hairstylist for this purpose. Here are some guidelines for trimming the curly hair. The question is curly hair better layered or one length? Will be answered after reading the below information.

Guidelines For Trimming

You need to be very careful while trimming the curly hair. It is essential to take proper precautions to prevent damage and to avoid cutting more hair than intended.

Using Right Tools

It requires very sharp hair shears. Blunt scissors will damage the hair. Sharp tools will cut the exact amount of the hair. So, this is very important to note while trimming the curly hair. You need a nice comb to detangle and to section the hair. Pins and clips are essential to arrange them neatly section of the hair.

Trim The Hair When It Is Damp

It is advisable to cut the hair when it is damp. It should avoid cutting it when it is wet or dry. This will create issues later like the trimming would be less effective if it is done on wet hair. The curls would shrink further after the hair gets dried. The damp hair provides better control of hair for trimming. The slight dryness helps to ascertain the correct length of the hair and will reduce further shrinkage. Therefore, trimming the hair with slight dampness is ideal to prevent extra cutting of the hair.

Get A Dusting Instead Of A Trim

This involves the cutting of the hair under one-fourth inch off of the ends of the hair. That means cutting much lesser hair than the trimming process. This way the hair cutting is very less, still the ends get trimmed without changing any style of the hair, giving the required effect.

It’s All in the Face: 5 Haircut Lifehacks

You may think you have chosen the coolest haircut, but feel bitter disappointment at the end result. And your hairdresser may not be the culprit. Sometimes, a cut just does not suit your face. Such mismatch often causes tears.

Take some time to discover your face shape before opting for a new drastic haircut. Knowing the shape of your face and fitting styles is key. Doing a little homework will safeguard you against distress.

Best medium-length hairstyles

Owners of medium-length hair can consider themselves lucky, for it allows the largest diversity of styles. Neither long nor short, this category has infinite room for creativity! Beauty blogs are jam-packed with unusual ideas for medium length. If you are thinking of getting a new fresh look, check out suggestions given here. You will surely be tempted to try some of them! Use this link and start experimenting!

Primary considerations

Trendy Fast Hairdos

Do you ever oversleep? Who doesn’t! The ensuing morning frenzy leaves zero time for makeup, let alone hairstyling. These four solutions could save your day if your hair is shoulder-length or longer. The suggested hairdos can be created in a matter of seconds. The result will look so neat and well-prepared that no one will suspect a hectic morning. Try out the following styles:

1. Reverse French-Twist Pony

Mid-Length Haircuts: Common Blunders

Finding the most suitable haircut is not the easiest task. There are several factors to bear in mind, aside from your hairdresser’s talent. Even the coolest-looking style will not compliment your face if it doesn’t match its shape. Here are ten things you should bear in mind if you are planning a style change. Avoid these pitfalls to make sure you look trendy and elegant!

1. It does not match your face shape